This CBD Oil 10% is the highest concentration available in myCBD’s portfolio of product. The CBD Oil 10% is the best seller of myCBD and provides a medium-high concentration of CBD. The product undergoes rigorous quality control checks and high-resolution liquid chromatography to ensure quality and stability, providing always the same cannabinoid content within the product. The oil is free from pathogenic microorganisms and mycotoxins and is 100% organically certified.

This oil is the perfect choice in term of value for money, since it has a wide durability over the time, thanks to its medium-high concentration. Great product for who want to add CBD to its daily diet and for who need help with severe conditions. Moreover, its concentration can be perfect for those with a higher body weight, far more lasting then CBD products with lower concentrations.

RATING: 4.7/5

myCBD 10%

What is myCBD

myCBD is KSK’s brand, which is a company that is 100% committed to offering high quality products containing cannibidiol (CBD) like sublingual CBD Oil, CBD Cream and CBD Teas.

Their products are coming from certified and legal cultivation, thus ensures that the entire process of recovering the CBD oil is 100% organic.  All of their products undergo strict quality control. This ensures that products have a high proportion of CBD, are free of toxins and have less than 0.2% THC.

Today, there are many uses for hemp, which is why KSK continues to be one of the pioneering companies that utilizes cannabidiol with an extremely small trace of THC in their products (less than 0.2%). This way, customers benefit from the beneficial properties of CBD without the discomfort or strange sensations of THC.

myCBD Products Range

The following are some of the products from myCBD

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