The CBD Oil from Cibdol is available in seven different concentrations of CBD. 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 15%,
20%, 30%, 40%. All of them contain no THC and are extracted by a CO2 method.
Cibdol only use organically grown hemp in the production process, without any synthetic chemicals,
hormones, or GMO products.

The oil comes in 10mls per bottle, and from there, a person is free to pick the potency that works
best for them. Beside the CBD Oil there are Hemp Seed Oils, Liposomal CBD Oil and Black Cumin Seed
Oils in combination with CBD.

RATING: 4.5/5

Cibdol 10%

What is Cibdol and what do they offer

Cibdol is a Switzerland based company dedicated to make the most of isolated CBD. Cibdol wants to
offer consumers the safest and the purest CBD products. “Golden oils” are meant to ensure
convenience and effectiveness so they can have the best impact and restore balance to the body.
Cibdol essentially values the quality in their products and their manufacturing processes, so they
provide us their Food Safety Management Certificate and Halal Certification proudly on their

Cibdol boasts a wide variety of products, most coming in different sizes, providing customers the
freedom of choice which can best alleviate their condition. From Cibdol, you can buy CBD Oils and
CBD Hemp Seeds Oils, CBD Capsules, vitamins with CBD, as well as CBD Creams which are
adapted to different skin types and conditions.

Cibdol's Product Range

The following are some of the products from Cibdol

Cibdols CBD Capsules

Cibdols CBD Capsules are perfectly made for traveling-on-the-go and an easy and regularly dosing.

Each box consists of 60 capsules with 6,4 mg of CBD per capsule, containing 4% unadulterated CBD. Beside the CBD extract, it contains Olive oil, gelatin, (bovine), glycerine and water.

The Capsules are additionally available with Vitamin D3 and in many different concentrations.

Cibdols Aczedol (Acne Cream)

The Aczedol Acne Cream from Cibdols is developed for combating the symptoms of acne. It is a class 1 medical device salve and helps by swelling of pimples and provides for itching and burning sensations. In combination with powerful liposomes, CBD’s restorative and antibacterial functions penetrate deep into the skin, where they are needed most.

The package contains 50 ml salve which includes 100 mg CBD. Beside the Acne cream, there are other products for other conditions.

Cibdols Meladol

The Meladol CBD Formula from Cibdol is especially drafted for people with sleeping problem. Next to CBD, it contains the sleeping hormone Melatonin which is responsible for the sleep/wake cycle.

The share of CBD reduces the stress level and solves fears, while the Melatonin makes the human body feel tired.

The bottle contains 30 ml (+- 600 drops) and contains 2.5 mg / 1ml hemp extract and 1.5 mg / 1ml melatonin.

Cibdols CBD Hand Cream

The CBD Hand Cream from Cibdol is a combination of the power of CBD, the healing qualities of aloe vera, and the nourishing properties of Helianthus annuus seed oil.  The tube contents 100ml with a share of 200mg CBD. Beside the Hand Cream, there are anti-aging creams, Day & Night creams, Lip Balms and many more.

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