The CBD Oil from Endoca is a high-quality product and available in four different variants. 15% of CBD, 15% of CBD + CBDA, 3% of CBD and 3% of CBD + CBDA. The oil is supplied in 10 ml per bottle, and from there a person can choose the potency that suits them best.

The substance also includes the perfect 1:3 ratio of Omega 3s and 6s, as well as essential vitamins, including Vitamin E.
It improves the concentration, supports the daily well-being and also offers many medical benefits.

RATING: 4.5/5

Endoca CBD Oil 15%

What is Endoca's product range

The founder of Endoca, Henry Vincenty, travelled the world for decades to find organic medicines leading him to the world of hemp. Since then, Endoca has prided themselves in sustainable business practices and aim to be an exemplary business by being in balance with nature. While producing high quality products, Endoca also aims to look after their customers, not only through the buying process but also promote a healthier, balanced lifestyle and live in harmony with nature.

One of Endoca’s key objectives is sustainability from plant to product. Endoca’s manufacturing practices aim to be 100% sustainable, efficient and non-pollutant. Much of the equipment used for planting, growing and harvesting are handmade. The hemp plants undergo supercritical CO2 extraction which is then passed through a cold filtration to produce their CBD derived products. They even capture CO2 particles and recycle them into the all-natural plant wash. All these of which, along with their products, can provide us with lab analyses, batch of analysis, 3rd party lab analysis as well as certification of the quality of the product.

Endoca’s customer service is also well accommodating by providing chat and call supports, 12 language options, post-sale serviceand provides a list of shipping areas. Endoca’s warehouse is based in Germany shipping to over 220 countries providing shipping times to certain countries. However, they also have a secondary warehouse in the USA allowing US customers to receive their products quick and easy with no customs fuss.

Endoca CBD Products Range

The following are some of the products from Endoca CBD

Endocas CBD Capsules

The hemp extract in capsule form is designed for targeted use. With hemp seed oil for maximum tolerance and excellent nutrient absorption. The hemp seed oil contains an ideal fatty acid pattern and thus ensures optimal absorption.

The glass contains 60 capsules with 10% (18mg) CBD each. The capsules are also available with 5% (9mg) CBD, 18% (90mg) CBD and 36% (120mg) CBD.

Besides the CBD capsules, other products are also offered, such as sleep capsules, CBG capsules and CBD + Curcumin capsules.

Endoca CBD Salve

The CBD Salve from Endoca is rich in CBD (750mg) as well as Vitamin E, to calm and soothe the skin. Due to the high proportion of CBD, it is possible to treat specific pain in every area.

The package includes 30ml of salve with 750mg CBD. The salve is also available with 300-1500mg CBD.

It includes just organic ingredients like CBD Hemp Oil (Cannabidiol 750mg), Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon), Peel Oil, Citral, Vanilla and Vitamin E

Endoca CBD Extract

This is the purest CBD product available on the market. The CBD Extract from Endoca is offered in 10g packages and contains 2000mg CBD + CBDa. Due to the high proportion of CBD, it is no longer an oil but a deep black paste. The product is manufactured very carefully so that no ingredients are lost. The extract is also available with 3000mg CBD + CBDa.

It contains Phytocannabinoids cannabidiol and cannabidiolic acid 20% (CBDa+CBD 2000mg)
also low concentrations of (CBC, CBG, CBN)

Endocas CBD Suppositories

The CBD Suppositories from Endoca are especially offered for people who aren’t able or just don’t like the oral intake of the substance. CBD suppositories let the cannabinoids reaching the blood in much higher concentrations. Rectal administration also increases the uptake of CBD entering the bloodstream by almost 10 times, when compared with oral consumption.

The Package includes 10 Suppositories and each of them contains 50mg of CBD.

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