The CBD Oil from Nordic Oil is a high-quality product and available in four different variants. 5% of CBD, 15% of CBD and 20% of CBD. The oil is supplied in 10 ml per bottle, and from there a person can choose the potency that suits them best. Nordic Oil also offers CBD extracts in capsules, highly concentrated pastes or even almost pure CBD-Crystals.

The CBD oils are vegan. The hemp plants are GMO-free and free from chemical fertilizers and growth hormones.
The Oil improves the concentration, supports the daily well-being and also offers many medical benefits.

RATING: 4.5/5

Nordic Oil 10%

What is Nordic Oil and what do they offer

Nordic Oil exclusively purchases environmentally friendly cultivated and fair-traded hemp from all over Europe. The cooperation with suppliers from countries with different climate zones enables them to select only hemp of the highest quality.

During the production of the CBD oils all superfluous and unnecessary ingredients are filtered out.

The gentle CO2 extraction ensures that all required connections are precisely isolated. In the next step, Nordic Oil enrich them with hemp seed oil. The end result is a strong, golden colored concentrate with high purity and excellent quality.

Hemp seed oil is naturally nutritious, contains many vitamins and essential fatty acids. Nordic Oil prefers this as a carrier oil because the combination with CBD makes use of the full potential of the cannabis plant.

The oils are full of naturally occurring terpenes. These organic compounds give the plants their unique scent and provide recreation and relaxation. In combination with CBD they enrich the therapeutic effect of the oils.

Nordic Oil Products Range

The following are some of the products from Nordic Oil

Nordic Oils CBD Liquid

When inhaling the CBD E-fluid with a vaporizer, CBD passes through the lungs directly into the large bloodstream that supplies the whole body. Compared to oral intake, this prevents the liver from breaking down a certain amount of the active ingredient and thus inactivating it. This results in the advantages of a very fast onset of action and 100% availability of CBD.

The bottles contain 10ml of the liquid with an amount of 5% CBD. The liquid is available in many different flavors and concentrations.

Nordic Oils Chewing Gum

The Nordic Oil Chewing Gums are especially designed for a discrete use of CBD. One package contains 24 chewing gums with 5mg CBD each. The body absorbs the CBD through the mucous membranes of the mouth with maximum effectiveness and very quickly.

This is particularly suitable for more stressful situations. Instead of the familiar CBD taste, the refreshing CBD chewing gum tastes like green mint and activating eucalyptus.

Besides chewing gums, Nordic Oil also offers sleeping drops, vitamin liquids and nasal spray with CBD.

Nordic Oils Eir - CBD Psoriasis Crème

The Nordic Oils Eir – CBD Psoriasis Crème is specially developed for the usage on psoriasis.

In addition to CBD, this cream contains berberine, omega 3,6,7 and 9 fatty acids. Vitamin A protects the DNA of skin cells and supports the regulation of cell division. The skin is optimally moisturized and protected by valuable oils. The CBD used in the products is free of chemical fertilizers or growth hormones. The package contains 50ml crème with 100mg CBD.

Nordic Oil also offers cremes for Ekzem, Akne and Liposomale for muscle soreness.

Nordic Oils CBD Oil for dogs

Like humans, animals also have an endocannabinoid system.

With this CBD oil, developed especially for dogs, the pet can also benefit from the effects of CBD. In addition, the oils contained in this product, such as fish oil and vitamin E, offer a useful supplement to the daily feed.

It is a 10ml bottle with a 4% CBD content. Nordic Oil also offers CBD Oils for cats and feed supplement tablets.

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