Use of CBD in sport

With its therapeutic potential, CBD can also be used in athletics.

Several athletes reported better performance and increased focus when using CBD.

Additionally, due to the stress reducing properties in CBD, its intake can lead to higher concentration. This can benefit an athlete’s performance and endurance which can therefore reduce the risk of injury.

Effects of CBD on sport activity

The continuous physical strain of being an athlete often includes muscle pains and muscle contractions. This can have further effects on other body parts leading to more pain such as headaches. The TRPV-1 receptor is responsible for the sensation of pain and the regulation of inflammations. CBD can connect to this receptor and can therefore reduce muscle tension and aching.  Additionally, the use of CBD can also benefit blood circulation and the cardiovascular system.

CBD not only alleviates pain, but it also helps the body regenerate muscle faster due to its anti-inflammatory potential. A better blood circulation can also support the body through faster oxygen supply, leading to faster regeneration. Physical stress can also be reduced with CBD.

Many athletes regularly take painkillers, such as Vicodin or Percocet. The continuous consumption of these kinds of painkillers often include unwanted side effects, as opposed to the use of CBD.

Furthermore, there is no risk of addiction when taking CBD unlike with traditional pain relief.

An important factor to be aware of is that CBD does not have any psychotropic effects unlike THC. Therefore, no “high” feeling is being induced by the use of CBD. For example, NFL-player Jake Plummer, declares that CBD should be made legal for athletes. According to studies conducted by the University of St. Louis, more than half of all NFL-players had to take strong painkillers and opiates during their career.

This can be avoided with the use of CBD.

How can CBD be used in sports?

CBD is available in different forms.

The easiest way of consuming it would be as an oil, which is legally available as a food supplement.

The use of CBD against symptoms caused by physical stress can play an important role in sports.

There is, however, still a lot of research needed as well as an explicit and official acceptance in different sports.

For more information on the legal situation in your country, check legal aspects.

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