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Organic Hemp Complete 5% is the medium concentration in the Medi Hemp portfolio. This is a 5% broad-spectrum CBD oil. The oil used comes from hemp seeds which are all organically grown in Austria without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. It is a completely natural product containing undetectable traces of THC, flavonoids, terpenes, phenols and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The product is organically certified. This concentration is recommended for people who have higher body weight, those who have experienced CBD and don’t need high concentrations and those who want to use CBD occasionally for mild conditions.

Additional information



Administration Method


Registered As

Food Supplement

CBD Quantity

500 mg

CBD Concentration


THC Content

Below 0,2%

Bottle Size

10 ml, 30 ml

Carrier Liquid

Hemp Seed Oil

Etraction Method

CO2 Extraction

Entourage Effect

Broad Spectrum

Third Party Analysis


Price of CBD per milligram

0.07 €

Product Details

Basic Information:

  • Form of product: Sublingual Oil
  • Administration Method: Sublingual
  • Registered as: Food Supplement
  • Spectrum: Broad spectrum
  • CBD quantity: 5%
  • THC Concentration: <0.2%
  • Price of CBD per milligram: 0.07€


  • Brand/Manufacturer: Medi Hemp
  • Settled Country: Austria
  • Dosing suggestions: 4 drops daily (corresponds to 0,12 ml)
  • Storage suggestions: Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Shake well before using
  • Customer Service: Only call support

Manufacture Process:

  • Cultivation: Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) cultivation
  • Extraction Method: CO2
  • Filtration: Partial
  • Decarboxylation: Total
  • Entourage Effect: Partial
  • 100% Organic: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Gluten free: Yes
  • GMP Certification: Yes
  • Certificate of Analysis: Available


  • Base: Hemp extract
  • Carrier Oil: Cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil
  • Others: Vitamin E

Cannabis Content:

  • CBD quantity: 500mg
  • THC quantity: <0.2%
  • Terpenoids: Available
  • Flavonoids: Available


  • Container size: 10ml
  • Servings: 390 drops
  • Packaging: English label
  • Taste: Light
  • Colour: Green/Yellow

Our Review

  • Light Taste
  • Low Price
  • Certified Quality
  • CO2 Extraction
  • Enriched purified CBD
  • No full-spectrum
  • No dosage calculator
Review Overview
Strong Taste
Natural Ingredients
Ease of Use
Full Spectrum
Third Party Analysis
Value for Money

Why buy from Medi Hemp?
Medi Hemp

History and Values

MEDIHEMP is an Austria based company funded by Andrea Bamacher and Elke Moritz. They strongly believe in hemp potential in healthcare and wellness and aim at promoting it as a natural and gentle way to bring inner balance. MEDIHEMP has committed to the “deepnature”, which means to benefit from what nature can offer us sustainably. The whole supply chain and the product line has then been designed to comply with this rule.


Manufacture Process

MEDIHEMP grows hemp in Austria. Fields are said to be carefully selected and cultivations are certified organic and chemical-free. They only used EU-certified organic industrial hemp that naturally contain almost zero THC.

One of the MEDIHEMP’s strengths lies in the processing of the whole plant which guarantees almost no waste: leaves and flowers are turned into CBD products, leaves are also used for tea, seeds are used for edibles, lower parts are transformed into textile, fertilizers and building materials. A CO2 extraction method allows to produce raw extracts that contain cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds naturally present in the plants. Those extracts are used for raw CBD oils, while further solvent-free refinement allows to produce pure CBD oils. All MEDIHEMP products go through external batch analysis to ensure their safety and quality, but the results are not made public.


Portfolio of Products

MEDIHEMP has an interesting line of products. They offer broad-spectrum hemp oils and capsules, which does not only contain CBD but also terpenes and other natural compounds that foster the entourage effect, and they also offer pure CBD oils. The oils and capsules are all available in various concentrations and quantities so people can choose what they think is most adapted to their condition. The edible line, which includes tea, organic hemp proteins, organic hempnut oil, allows anyone to benefit from hemp natural nutritional qualities. On the whole, MEDIHEMP has a wide range of quality products that allows people to easily include CBD and hemp in their everyday life.


Customer Oriented Services

MEDIHEMP’s website is customer friendly: each product page, the product is completely described and all the information that a consumer would like to have are written. Product-specification files are also available, but without information about the analysis. Customer service looks good, but there is no customer review available. Online shop’s delivery service is only available in Europe.

Customer Testimonials

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2 reviews for Organic Hemp Complete 5% | MediHemp

  1. Margaret Sulley

    Worst taste and texture. Definitely I don”t will use it again.

  2. Karen

    A little bit expensive but it works. Regular taste.

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