Enecta Brand Review

History and Values
Enecta is a family business started in 2013, based in the Netherland and Italy. It is specialized in hemp cultivation, pharmaceutical hemp extracts production, as well as research in phytocannabinoids. It aims at creating innovative CBD extracts that feature the best therapeutic properties, while committing to sustainable growing and fair prices.

Manufacture Process
From farming to pharmaceutical hemp-derived product, the company manages the complete supply chain. Botanists and pharmacists combine their skills and efforts to make the product line safe and effective. The branding highlights the commitments of Enecta in ethic and sustainability as well as the premium aspect of their CBD extracts supported by a GMP certification.

Enecta grows hemp in Italy, where climate and soil conditions are ideal to produce high-quality plants that contain a naturally high concentration of CBD. Cultivations are organic and free of any pesticide or heavy metal and plants are controlled after harvesting and certificated by a third-party laboratory, although the tests are note made public.

Enecta invests in scientific research around hemp plant. It also has established a partnership with Green Valley which carries out research so as to figure out innovative ways to improve productions and to optimize agronomic techniques. Investments also made in research to develop hemp varieties and maximize the entourage effect, that is due to the balance of the compounds naturally present in hemp.

Portfolio of Products
Enecta offers a large range of fair-priced CBD products for therapeutic purposes: oils, capsules, crystals, e-liquids. They also have developed recently a cosmetic line that includes an anti-ageing and moisturizing cream, a body lotion, a face cleanser and a lip balm. The efficiency of those relies not only on the natural therapeutic and dermocosmetic properties of CBD, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, relaxing or analgesic, but also on the entourage effect that enhances their effectiveness. The cold extraction of hemp oil preserves all its natural benefits and guarantee the quality of the products, with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids. The various concentrations in CBD available provide consumers with several options and give some freedom to choose what is most adapted to their condition. The very complete range of CBD-branded cosmetic products makes it possible to have a cannabis-based beauty routine. On the whole, Enecta offers a variety of high-quality and well-designed products that makes CBD available and adapted to everyone’s need.

Customer Oriented Services
Enecta also counts on its quality customer service with pre-sale and post-sale services and deliver their products almost all around the world which enable a lot of patient to take advantage of the natural benefits of CBD.

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