Endoca Brand Review

History and Values
The founder of Endoca, Henry Vincenty, travelled the world for decades to find organic medicines leading him to the world of hemp. Since then, Endoca has prided themselves in sustainable business practices and aim to be an exemplary business by being in balance with nature. While producing high quality products, Endoca also aims to look after their customers, not only through the buying process but also promote a healthier, balanced lifestyle and live in harmony with nature.

Manufacture Process
One of Endoca’s key objectives is sustainability from plant to product. Endoca’s manufacturing practices aim to be 100% sustainable, efficient and non-pollutant. Much of the equipment used for planting, growing and harvesting are all handmade. The hemp plants undergo supercritical CO2 extraction which is then passed through a cold filtration to produce their CBD derived products. They even capture CO2 particles and recycle them into the all-natural plant wash. All these of which, along with their products, can provide us with lab analyses, batch of analysis, 3rd party lab analysis as well as certification of the quality of the product.

Portfolio of Products
Moreover, Endoca does not shy away from the variety of products that they offer. They provide an extensive range of top-quality products giving the consumers freedom to choose different reliable CBD derived products, in the forms of oils, capsules, pastes and creams. Moreover, they are attempting to use the hemp fibres as packaging as a means to reduce any paper and plastic waste.
The majority of the products from Endoca can come in various concentrations, providing consumers a range of options to choose from, and freedom to choose products relevant that’s to their conditions.

Customer Oriented Services
Endoca’s customer service is also well accommodating by providing chat and call supports, 12 language options, post-sale service and provides a list of shipping areas. Endoca’s warehouse is based in Germany shipping to over 220 countries providing shipping times to certain countries. However, they also have a secondary warehouse in the USA allowing US customers to receive their products quick and easy with no customs fuss.

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