Period Pain

Period cramps and period pain in general is not often discussed in society. But considering that half the population is female and most women suffer from menstrual pain, if not regularly then at least at certain points in their life, there is a need to take initiative to find a solution. Up to today period pain is usually suffered in private and it is barely seen as a medical problem but rather as something normal. It is seen as a pain that just has to be accepted because it is so common, natural and regular.

Doctors usually prescribe the anti-baby-pill or painkillers such as Ibuprofen to help fight the cramps. This means that there is the choice between taking hormones on a daily basis or taking pharmaceutical medicine every month. Some women have no problem with that, others do not want to do that due to personal reasons and there are the ones who get physical or psychological side effects, which can be just as bad or worse than the cramps.

If you belong to one of the latter groups then you should consider using CBD products to fight your period pain. When talking about period pain, not only cramps are included but all the other symptoms that often occur, such as headaches, bloated feeling, back pain, nausea etc. The CBD product range available is quite big, which means that you can test out different ones to see which one works best for you.

Kathleen has had chronic period pain, since a young age and started using CBD to fight it. She now describes her period pain manageable, her mood stable and her daily life is not affected by her period anymore. She doesn’t have to be worried or anxious about her upcoming menstruation anymore and has an improved quality of life, thanks to CBD products.

Cramps, back pain and headaches are a normal occurrence during Maria’s periods since she can remember. She tried to fight it with painkillers like Ibuprofen and natural remedies and nothing had a significant effect until she tried CBD oil. Just taking a few drops of 2% CBD oil, three times a day relieves almost all the pain. CBD oil also doesn’t cause any side effects like the traditional painkillers.