Not being able to sleep well, is a common problem and many reasons can lead to hours lying in bed awake. These can be anxiety, chronic pain, stress or insomnia. There is a number of people who are reporting that CBD helps them sleep better and research results suggest that CBD has an important effect on sleep-wake-cycle.

In lower doses, CBD can have an energizing effect and increase alertness, which reduces daytime sleepiness. This is a critical factor to have a healthy and stable sleep-wake-cycle.

If you believe that your sleeping problems are caused by anxiety or stress, CBD could help combat those feelings, which, in return, will make your sleep more relaxing.

If chronic pain is the reason why you cannot sleep, CBD can help in two ways. One the one hand, it can relive the pain, which improves your general well-being thus you can sleep better. On the other hand, CBD can directly affect your sleeping pattern in a positive way.

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, around 1 in 3 people suffer from insomnia (including mild insomnia). It also states that sleeping pills are not effective in the long run. Studies demonstrated that CBD in higher doses has sleep-inducing effects and that sleeping patterns improve, having less sleep disruptions.

It is important to find the right dosage for yourself. Start off with a lower dose and try out how much CBD is most effective for you to improve your sleep.

Ivan, who struggles with insomnia and usually doesn’t sleep until 4am or some nights doesn’t sleep at all, started using CBD oil. He doesn’t have trouble falling asleep anymore since he takes 15 drops of the 500mg CBD oil.

A consumer’s mum struggles with insomnia and with help of the CBD oil she finally sleeps 8 hours a night again.