According to the World Health Organization (WHO) over 50% of the population have regular headaches and 30% of those suffer from migraines. Often, headaches have an impact on your lifestyle, productivity and overall well being. Regularly taking pharmaceutical remedies that also bring side effects with them, are also not a solution for everybody.

Headaches can have different sources, whereas stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation are some of them. CBD can help reduce symptoms of the mentioned factors and can therefore, contribute to a relieve in headaches and/or migraines.

CBD oil is the easiest product to administer and can have an almost immediate effect on the consumer, when the symptoms of a migraine or headache set in because it is a fast and efficient delivery method when taken sublingually.

A consumer, is very happy with the result of CBD oil after using it for only three months. Because of her constant headaches, she had difficulties concentrating. Thanks to the CBD oil her quality of life has positively changed.

Pamela heard of CBD sublingual spray from a friend who suggested her to try fighting her headaches with CBD. The positive effects it has are pain relief, better concentration and no feelings of tiredness. She didn’t realise that there are natural alternatives to smoking cannabis for pain relief – without any side effects!