Using CBD against epilepsy has made the headlines more than once over the past years all around the world. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body regulates biological processes such as organs, the nervous and immune system. CBD interacts with and activates components of the ECS, which helps you body to balance itself out. Studies conducted that included patients suffering from seizures, showed that in almost half of the cases CBD helped to decrease their seizures by at least half.

Charlotte, a 6-year old girl, has suffered from severe seizures all her life. Since her mum started treating her with CBD oil from a special strain of cannabis, Charlotte’s condition has improved immensely. Seizures only happened two to three times a month after using the oil and she was able to walk, ride her bicycle as well as feeding herself and talking more each day.

Jayden, a young boy, suffered from great seizures and was prescribed heavy pharmaceuticals that made him chemically high on a daily basis. His father decided to look for an alternative treatment and decided to try treat his son with CBD. Today, the CBD oil enables Jayden to successfully fight his seizures and he is off most the pills, he used to take.