There are not enough studies about the interaction of CBD and cancer cells yet, however, there are solid indications of how CBD can benefit cancer patients.
Many cancer patients not only suffer under the symptoms of cancer but of the side effects of the treatment (such as chemotherapy and the drugs connected to it).

CBD activates receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which positively affect the nervous system and the immune system. The positive effects of CBD on cancer patients are the reduced feeling of nausea and sickness, increased appetite and improved sleep. In some cases cannabinoids were able to stop cancer cell growth, which leads to being cancer free in combination with traditional methods fighting cancer.

Michael has endured countless surgeries and treatments to fight cancer in his face, colon and neck. When the surgically removed cancer on his face returned, he decided to start self-treatment with CBD oil, which he heard of from the medical cannabis community. WIthin three months the cancer has visibly been reduced. Since starting using CBD oil in 2011 Michael’s cancer has not returned.

Rita’s friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and cancer in her bones and liver, with a life expectancy of one more year. Rita decided to order CBD oil for her friend and her health improved clearly. 5 months in to the treatment her blood results came back much better than in the beginning and after one year the cancer has stopped growing. Rita’s friend is now cancer free and can live her life normally again.