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To get a better overview of CBD products we decided to analyse 10 of the most popular brands producing and selling CBD oil in Europe. We took several factors in to consideration to create a comparison table, which can help you choose a CBD product.

The most important part is the product itself, which is why we weighed this part the most with 50%. The factors included here are the Price (we compared the 3% CBD oil prices), the clarity and availability of a dosage system and the quality, where we took the entourage effect of Cannabinoids and the quality tests available into consideration.

Furthermore, we looked at the overall consumer experience (20%) including services offered and how well they are implemented as well as at third party expert opinions and how consumers rated the product online.

Another aspect that we examined are if the respective CBD oil producers obtained a sanitary registration or if they are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified as well as if the CBD oil offered is a registered food supplement.

Lastly, we analysed the website (10%): its user friendliness and in which languages it is available as well as the payment options available and if they are encrypted according to international standards.

The conclusion we have reached is that myCBD and Endoca are currently offering the most complete package in the CBD oil market.

Have a look at the table to get a better understanding and to find the information and explication you might be looking for. If there are any questions about the comparison table or doubts about product choice do not hesitate to contact us!

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Points allocated from 0 to 10


 3a) claiming to be certified but no proof, neither on website nor when requested through email
 3b) either registered as cosmetic product or claiming to be food supplement without reistration proof, neither      on website nor when requested through email
 4) medium
 not available / information not found, neither on website nor when requested through email

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