Fear of public speaking is very common.

Many people feel insecure and nervous before speaking to a group of people, even when they are prepared and usually confident, especially when the situation does not go exactly according to plan or expectations.

Scientists from the Univiersity of Sao Paulo have now found a solution for that problem. Based on a study with people who suffer from social anxiety disorders, the effect of CBD on was tested.

Participants of the study have not been treated for their disorder before. They were then put through a simulation public speaking test before and after taking CBD oil.

To make sure that no placebo effect is taking place, there was a group of participants who was given a placebo instead of CBD before taking the test.

The results clearly showed that the people who were treated with CBD beforehand were dealing with the situation much better than the ones who received a placebo.

The positive effects were seen in form of participants being less nervous and not reaching an anxious state compared to the ones who took a placebo, who were experiencing higher anxiety, discomfort and cognitive impairment.

There are still many studies needed to gather more data and information to confirm and support those findings about the effect of CBD. However, so far it can be seen by results from studies conducted so far that CBD can effectively contribute to the reduction of fear of public speaking.

If you suffer from social anxiety or have a public speaking event coming up, you might want to consider trying to use some CBD oil beforehand.