Products & Use

Which CBD products exist & how to use them

Cannabidiol products come in different forms, the most popular one being CBD oil due to the body’s fast absorbtion of the CBD oil, which leads to almost instant relief, whether it is taken for seizures, nausea . Further, CBD creams are used to ease localized pain or inflammations and CBD infusions / CBD teas were created to relieve stress.


Producer Recommendation

CBD oil producers, such as myCBD recommend taking 3 to 9 drops of CBD oil sublingually, 3 times per day. CBDOilReview suggests a serving standard of 25mg of CBD twice a day. You can find more information about specific products on the respective websites, although there are some producers who do not mention any dosage guidelines.


So far no studies, specifically on the dosage of cannabidiol, were conducted. In the existing studies, dosages were always chosen according to different illnesses (such as parkinsons, epilepsy, cancer, schizophrenia, and adapted individually. For adults dosages from 100mg to 800mg were used. For children the body weight was taken into consideration and dosages from 2mg/kg to 25mg/kg were administered. The latter, however, is extremely high, can lead to side effects and is usually not necessary.

User Experiences

There is different feedback from people who are using CBD for their medical conditions and symptoms. Some who use it for headaches have reported to only take some drops of the CBD oil when they start having acute pain. The same goes for people who use the CBD cream or CBD spray. Others who have chronic pain or insomnia have said to use it regularly (2 to 3 times a day).

In general it can be said that the use of CBD and the choice of the right product differs from person to person. CBD can have several positive effects on every person. If you are interested in using CBD you should either try it out, beginning with small dosages and see which intensity works best for you or receive professional advice, especially in case of serious illness.

Apart from the CBD oil, CBD cream and CBD infusion there are other products based on CBD as the main ingredient, such as CBD spray, CBD cosmetics, CBD capsules or CBD liquid for vaping.