In the past years, the number of countries legalizing hemp as the source of CBD has grown. Studies showed, that CBD is an effective product to use against several kind of pain, against anxiety, seizures and even against tumor cells and much more. Event the United States (USA) legalized the use of CBD without the need of a prescription as long as its sold as a food supplement.

The reason ist that the american law is difficult in the case of cannabis and due to the different policys in the different federal states its hard to understand the legal situation and to find out if its legal in the place where you live. The so called “Controlled substances act”, which also regulates cannabis, has listed THC and marijuana (in general) as a controlled substance, therefore making it illegal.

Exceptions are the 29 states which allowed the use of medical mariujana with a prescription. CBD and CBD products like CBD-Oil, CBD-Cream or CBD-Liquid for vaporizing are not illegal and are allowed to purchase as long as they are sold as dietary supplements. There’s also no need for a prescription from a doctor. CBD products are available from a number of online retailers and in different products with a different quality.

As a customer you should always make sure to buy CBD products from trustable, qualified retailers and with high CBD parts of the hemp plant. Sometimes you can find CBD labeled liquids made from the seed of the hemp plant which is not the same as a normal CBD oil and does not have the same impacts.

There are a number of different products available such as tinctures, capsules, vaping oils and hemp oil.
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