About Us

Welcome to Info-CBD! Watch our video to get to know us and to hear about the purpose of Info-CBD.

If you don’t have time right now or prefer reading over watching a video we will shortly summarize below who we are and why we started Info CBD.

Florian & Maria

The first time we heard about Cannabidiol was when a mutual friend told us that he was using CBD oil for his headaches. Before that we have just seen the occasional news post online about medical cannabis curing cancer or helping people getting epilepsy under control.

After doing research Maria started taking CBD oil for her headaches and cramps during menstruation and has taken it ever since due to its soothing effects and the pain relief, without getting any side effects.

Shortly thereafter Florian decided to give it a try for his insomnia and after experiencing with the dosage a bit it is helping him to sleep peacefully at night.

It took us quite some time to research what we wanted to know about CBD. We decided to create this website to have compact collection of information and a better overview of the current position of CBD and CBD products.